Metrotom_800---400x300pxOCTEX : Non-Destructive Testing + Measuring :: ZEISS METROTOM 800 CT Scanner

Sarasota, Florida – October 8, 2015, OCTEX Brings Expertise in Non-Destructive Testing and Measuring with the use of its New Innovative Cutting Edge CT Scanner – The ZEISS METROTOM 800.

OCTEX, is proud to announce the purchase of another state-of-the-art machine, the ZEISS METROTOM 800 CT Scanner.

John Hoskins, EVP of OCTEX explains that, “This investment is in-line with our overall short-term investment strategies: to own the optimal state of the art, cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, metrology equipment, tooling capabilities available on the market. This is our differentiation point which will strongly position us to our current and potential partners, who are seeking an innovative, nimble, segment disruptor type firm able to understand and define their needs fast and able to work quickly to obtain their desired goals. To create the magic they look for in the marketplace but, aren’t seeing or receiving.”

The METROTOM 800 is a truly advanced, groundbreaking, highly precise CT Scanner tailored to the requirements of the future of the injection molding industry. It meets all the requirements and more of mid-sized companies in the plastic, composite material and ceramic part industry.  Read more…